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A website founded, operated and sustained by the Holtzberg family. Our lives forever changed on Thursday November 27th when we found out the tragic news that our beloved Gavriel Noach and Rivky HY”D (May G-d avenge their blood) were taken from us during the horrendous terrorist attack in Mumbai India. The outpouring of support during these difficult times has truly been inspirational. The miracle the world witnessed that fateful day, that flash of light in the midst of all the darkness, was little Moshe being whisked away to safety.

We are so grateful to all of those who have contributed to the Moshe Holtzberg fund.

This website was established to provide an additional avenue for your participation.

We have come together as a nation to mourn this loss and we have been unified as a race in our determination to combat the darkness these terrorists wrought. We cannot respond with bombs and guns but our weapons are our good deeds. Acts of goodness and kindness are our artillery in this war against good versus evil. May we all soon celebrate the ultimate revelation of light in this world when terrorism will be eradicated and the beauty humanity has to offer can shine through.

With all of our thanks for your support,
The Holtzberg Family.
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